I have decided to take the problem from another point of view .
Why use resource of the phone if you can not install a new program at all ? Why limit the use of comics at WM phone device and not make it readable natively from every possible device ? iPad , iPhone , Wm phone , Symbian , Pc , Mac or linx or the first device you have now in your hand …
Is a different mode to see the entire problem . I can use the PC to make the first conversion and than I can read it from the first device I find without problem of sort like ” I have an HTC HD2 and program don’t work ” or ” I want this possibility to do this and that ” or ” The comics are slow on opening” . The only limit will be the storage space .

I think the new version will be out in this week . Just the time to end the test .

Stay tuned for more update .


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