I will start this new categories with my favorite comics of this days .

In this section I’ll talk about the manga I read , sometime they my be review , some other times may be simply little consideration about the comics .

Lets Start

Series Title : Zettai Karen Childen (Absolutely Lovely Children)

Author : Takashi Shiina  ( the same autor of Ghost Sweeper Mikami )
Date of first Publication : 2005 on Shounen Sunday
Genre : Action – Comedy – Shounen – Fantasy

The plot : We have 4 protagonist on this story . One 20 years old elite genius  and 3 “Absolutely Lovely Children” ( The name of the series in english ) esper . Well , go on with the story and you will find some little problem with the title … One of the lovely child like is like and old man when she see a cute girl , another one is greedy and the last can be cold like ice even in front a tremendous crime .
All the story rotate around the future of the child . Will they be demon who try to conquer /destroy the world  or will they be angel who save the other Esper and normal ?
Minamoto is in charge to make the children be angel and to not see in reality the terrible future see in vision at the start of the manga .
The whole series play with the future , the grow of the child in beatiful woman and the present of Minanoto san .

Final Consideration : Unlike some other series the author never play around only to gain some page and like the previous work of this mangaka the comic arc sometime leave the place at other some serious arc all related to the main story .
In this you never find a boring part and is always a pleasure to read it .
For me is one of the best shounen manga of this days .


Zettai Karen Children

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