Hi people .

An user submitted a problem with the epub reading on some device (Bebook neo) . The device cut some pixel in the lower part of the image . Without the cropping this isn’t a problem because the white border around the image give all the space needed . With the cropping there can be a problem with some text cutted away by the device .
To correct this problem in the next release will be an optional checkbox . If you check this automatically every image will have an added white border of 10 pixel ( after some test we see this is the better setting )  . Is only useful if your device share the same problem .
For the rest still working on the next thing . Few test away from the goal .
Like I said in the other post probably will be out this week in the middle .

A side note : This software  is still young . If you see some bug , some problem , some update request fell free to use our forum or send a mail to webgandalf[at]mmsoft.info or post a comment under a post.
I think is better for everyone if we can make this software perfect .


Comics2Reader Optional white border on the lower side

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