Comics2Reader 2.3.0 Is out .
(Please remember to uninstall all the previous version)

What is the new feature ?
Is the export of the image of the comics into Html .
Every image is a page , is full screen and every image is a link to the following image .
You want to go up of a page ? Click on the image and the following will be displayed .
With this feature you can generate folder with a file index.html inside . When you click and open this file  you can read your comics on EVERY DEVICE with a browser internet . No more external program , no more device compatibility issue .
Open the file and start reading your comics .
Simple as double click 😀 .

The Html generated code is been tested on following device :
Samsung Omnia II
Pc Windows , Linux and Mac .
Clearly no problem at all 😀
Please report problem , bug or leave a feature request or a comment .


Comics2Reader 2.3.0 is Out

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