Comics2Reader Instruction

Opening Window

Wizard : The wizard function do the same thing of the Convert and Resize and the Autocrop at the same time . Is less memory ungry and easiest to the final user .

Convert and Resize :
Convert a color page into Bw ( Most of the ebook reader are in BW . In this case is meaningless pass a color image )
Split a double page ( Again , Most of the ebook reader have little E-ink display . If you have a double page the text will be too little to be read )
Reorganize page ( When splitted the software organize the image in manga or comics in the right order )
Reduce quality
Reduce image size
Go to Convert and resize Faqs

Crop and Filter :
Crop manually all the picture
Filter the image
Go to Crop and Filter Faqs

The software will check all the image in the folder(s) and cut out the white border around
Go to AutoCrop faqs

Create CBZ File(s)
The software create the CBZ files from the folder
Go to Create CBZ File Faqs

Create ePub File(s)
The software create the verified epub for your ebook reader device
Go to Create ePub File faqs

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