Convert and Resize

How to

Source : Click here to select the starting Folder
Destination : Click here to select the Destination Folder

Check for Subfolder : Flag this is you have a folder structure like
AutoSplit : If your comics have some double page flag this . The single page will not be affected by this selection
Manga : Flag this if your comics is a manga . With this the software mantain the correct page organization ( from right to left ) . If not flagged the double page will not be reordered
Convert to BW : With this checked every image processed will be turned into a black and white image
Filter “Credit” word : If the software find the word “Credit” inside a filename this will be skipped and not saved .
Use Slower convertion : The software have a feature , faster convertion , that take up to 100 image at the same time to make the conversion faster . If you find some problem with the faster conversion turn it off . You have problem with the faster conversion please , send me a mail or a comment with a description of the problem and a copy of the image .

Output Quality : Define the quality of the jpg file . From 0 to 100 . 0 make a file with lower quality and low disk usage , 100 max quality and max disk usage . From 70 to 80 is the best range for an eBook reader .
Height : The height in pixel of the final image . This value will be the size in pixel of your eBook reader device .

Start : This will start the elaboration
Crop : After the elaboration this take you in the manual cropping mask .

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