Autocrp Function

Source : Where the file to autocrop are stored .
Destination : Where the file to crop will be saved .
Quality : The final quality of the image . From 0 (low quality file , low disk usage ) to 100 (High quality , High disk usage ) .
RGB whitepoint : The white of an image is not alwais the same . Use this value to set you preferred value . 200 is a saver value but you can lower it if you think the image is not cropped .
Force low cut : The software check the image to find the first point not white . When find it that are the point to cut . In some case you can have watermark or page number on the plower part of the page . With this you can force the software to cut at least the value you entered .
Low cutting min. : The minimum value to cut . Work only if Force low cut is checked .
PNG : with this checked the final image will be 8 bit PNG files .
Check for subfolder : Click it if you have a folder structure like
Start : The software will start the elaboration

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